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December 08, 2011


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Alex L

Hi Chuck, thanks for this post. It has inspired me to play with Greenplum DB and predictive analytics, and my experiment is now grown into a web-service. I wrote about it in my blog, I thought it could be of interest to you: http://rate-loans.blogspot.com/2012/01/on-big-data-analytics-peer-to-peer.html

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Chuck Hollis

  • Chuck Hollis
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    Chuck has recently joined VMware in a new role, and is quite enthused!

    Previously, he was with EMC for 18 years, most of them great.

    He enjoys speaking to customer and industry audiences about a variety of technology topics, and -- of course -- enjoys blogging.

    Chuck lives in Holliston, MA with his wife, three kids and four dogs when he's not travelling. In his spare time, Chuck is working on his second career as an aging rock musician.

    Warning: do not buy him a drink when there is a piano nearby.
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