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October 25, 2011


Richard Black

Chuck, facinating post, thanks for sharing. Is there any way to print this story neatly please? Any chance you could share the actual slides? R.

Chuck Hollis

Hi Richard

The PDFs can be found at


If you'd like to see them on your iPad, there's a neat application that can be found at


If you'd like the original PPTs, please drop me your email address at either @chuckhollis or chuck dot hollis at emc dot com.

As far as reformatting the material to look more like a white paper, that's a fair amount of work. I know there are people back here who are working in that direction, but I don't have any specifics.

Glad you enjoyed the content and topics!

-- Chuck

Ken Carroll

I forgot to add this to my post above on the 13X cost increase story. Not only did the development cost go up by an order of magnitude (i.e. 13X), but the operational and maintenance costs jumped as well. The final version had at least twice as much code, was harder to enhance, required four teams for maintenance and operation rather than two, and introduced more moving parts into production.

The team involved was forced to do this by ruthless application of mandatory standards which had been put in place by inadequately experienced people who had no knowledge the the quite important requirements & context of this important application.

It is but one of many real examples.

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