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September 07, 2011



Hi Chuck,
Your article jogged my memory of back when I worked at EMC, during Mike Ruettgers stewardship. One interviewer quoted him as saying, "We want to get to what we call the universal data tone, where you can plug a machine in the wall and the information you are looking for comes to you". This was his vision then in May 1999, some similarities with today's "as-a-service" model.

Chuck Hollis

Hi Gar

Yes, I remember those days. A powerful and compelling vision at the time, but perhaps maybe a decade or so too early? Thanks for the memory!

-- Chuck



You're right. There is no panacea -- only vitamins, exercise, and good sleep. It's a regimen, but having the proper tools certainly helps.

The "pre-integrated solutions" statement is really a build vs. buy analysis. We think it's more efficient for enterprises and providers to build off of the extensive work we have done rather than try to invent it themselves. *Being* a cloud provider and *building* a cloud provider are two very different things.

I wrote a post about the very subject recently: http://atmosonline.com/bid/56744/Build-Your-Own-Cloud-Storage


בניית אתרי אינטרנט

Any storage service ought to review on their behavior to the individual a appropriate amount of information, simple announcements for the non-critical solutions, perhaps more innovative reviews for more innovative solutions.

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