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May 20, 2011


Mike Foley

The one thing missing for me, and I've emailed Jobs about this twice, is a bluetooth remote presenter and Keynote being able to use it. Give me that and I can do every presentation sans laptop. What a godsend that would be for someone like me (I write this as I'm about to head to 42 for another EBC)

I totally agree with everything else. The iPad is awesome for kids in a car during a long drive. My 9 and 5yr old boys love it. Tonight I'll probably buy Plants .vs. Zombies and then I'll never see the iPad all weekend!



Nice blog post on how new tech creates new uses. And doesn't completely displace the old (even if it puts a big dent in it). TV and Web didn't obsolete newspapers. Ethernet fabrics will not wipe out Fibre Channel. Flash will not kill spinning disks. And there really are still buggy whip makers out there (e.g. www.westfieldwhip.com). :)

Ian Hill

I enjoyed your blog post, Chuck. My observation is that ithingies are addictive. I bought my technophobe wife an iTouch so she could play games. The wifely smile accompanied much tapping and enjoyment of games like Sudoku and solitaire, as well as moving her email reading to a comfy chair. Christmas came and I decided to upgrade her old Nokia brick to an iPhone. The wifely smile increased as her capabilities increased further.

This week, when I mentioned your blog post of last year ( I only read it this last week), she challenged me with the question "so when do I get MY iPad?"!

Although intrigued by the much lower cost of the latest Android tablets, the attraction of the iPad (for the family IT support person!) is that the range of support is constrained ( read SOE!) and the investment is multiplied through re-use of existing App Store investments. As someone as commented, Apple have been very smart with their App Store philosophy...it acts as an ongoing channel for their wares.


I see the same story here re high school students and notebooks vs iPads.

iPads are for relaxing - games, facebook app, tumblr etc and yes, battery life is very impressive.

I'd be interested in a followup post re your household and network storage!


I love my iPad, but real Powerpoint compatibility is still an issue. It's much more convenient to carry an iPad to a meeting than a laptop, but they still can't be used to present a PPT that contains animations, builds, etc. (I've tried both Keynote and Docs to Go).


Chuck, we are demoing our Vblock Cloud solution from the iPad now and that is really exciting for the audience. Not easy as a device to use but cool. Samsung asked us to support their Galaxy Tablet based on Android. Not easy for our security, but we are working on. BUT...when I passed the new gadget to my 12 years old son, he got thrilled. Video taping with friends is much cooler with the Galaxy Tablet.

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